Get Into Theatre

Get Into Theatre is the essential website to help you find all the information and opportunities you need to pursue a successful career in theatre in the UK. From backstage to performing, training to apprenticeships, you will find up-to-date theatre careers information and advice. 


Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation is the founding supporter and funder of Get Into Theatre which was established as an independent charity in January 2022.

We believe that all young people - no matter who you are - should have the same chance to have a career in theatre. Many people do not know about all the job options in theatre or the different ways to make a start in a theatre career. That needs to change. We believe you should have easy access to current information on:

  • Training and studying
  • Funding, scholarships and awards
  • Experiences that will help you
  • Theatre job profiles to inform you 

We are passionate about you hearing from other people that are like you and are working in theatre. But mostly, Get Into Theatre wants everyone to know about how to get a career in theatre no matter your background, ethnicity, impairment, or gender. Whoever you are, there are lots of things happening in the UK that can help you get into theatre. We believe you should know about it.

I am very proud of all we have achieved with ‘Get Into Theatre’. Founded and funded by my Foundation, following findings from the independent Centre Stage report, this programme has helped thousands of young people across the country dreaming of a career in theatre to make it a reality. These are the people we desperately need in the arts as we recover from the toughest period in our history. 

“Now, as an independent charity, I hope we can encourage even more people to support this vital work. For those who say they love the arts, it is time to stop sitting on your hands and give us your support so that we can get more people through our stage doors, behind our scenes and onto our stages.” Andrew Lloyd Webber

Get Into Theatre was originally produced by The Stage and created in partnership with the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation, UK Theatre and the Society of London Theatre. All the partners remain active supporters but Get Into Theatre is now an independent charity.