About Us

The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation’s principal objectives are to advance the arts, culture and heritage for the public benefit.

This Foundation was founded by Andrew Lloyd Webber in 1992 and is regulated by a Charitable Deed dated 5 April 1992. It was registered with the Charity Commission on 10 December 1992 and is listed in the Central Register of Charities as Registered Charity Number 1015648.

Since inception, Lord Lloyd Webber has been the principal funder of all Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation activities.

Vision and Current Priorities

We believe

  • engagement in the arts and heritage enriches lives, unlocks creative potential, improves skills, changes behaviour, increases confidence, and should be available to all
  • in order to maintain vibrancy in the arts, it is critical that the next generation of diverse artists is nurtured and encouraged

We will

  • champion wider access to the arts and heritage by supporting projects that reach diverse communities and those who would not otherwise be able to participate
  • prioritise projects that enable people to develop their abilities and careers, by providing professional education, training, apprenticeships and work place experience in all areas of the arts, from stone masonry to youth orchestras and stage electricians
  • promote excellence in all areas of the arts, culture and heritage
  • continue our role as high profile champion of the benefits of engagement in the arts and heritage and the importance of diversity in the sectors

Since 2011, the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation has awarded £22M to projects that focus on the enhancement of arts education and participation, improving access and increasing diversity across the arts, culture and heritage sector.