Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Application Guidance for advice on the sort of projects supported by the Foundation.

Is the Foundation accepting new grant applications at the moment?

The funding round opens on 6 December 2021.  Details on how to apply and guidance on submitting your application can be found here.

What are the chances my application will be successful?

As you can imagine we receive many more applications which fall within our declared objects than the Foundation is able to fund, so please do not feel too discouraged if you are unsuccessful.

How soon can I reapply?

We cannot consider any funding request made within 24 months of the outcome of a previous application, whether a grant was received or not.

Can the Foundation provide raffle prizes?

We do not provide raffle prizes.

Does the Foundation support projects outside the UK?

The Trustees of the Foundation have decided to prioritise UK based projects.

Does the Foundation consider support for multi-year projects?

The Trustees look favourably upon projects that provide an ongoing benefit and will consider multi-year projects.

Does the Foundation award grants to individuals?

The Foundation gives priority to funding organisations such as charities, not-for-profit companies and community trusts, whose projects can be verified by third parties and does not directly fund individuals.

Does the Foundation support individual scholarships?

No, all scholarships are awarded by the schools/colleges directly.  Click here to visit the scholarship page.

Can I arrange to meet with the Foundation to discuss my application before it is submitted?

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive, we regret it is not often possible to have a preliminary meeting before a written application is made. Your application should be made electronically via our online application process and if we require further information or clarification, we will contact you at that time.

If we are successful in receiving a grant, will I be expected to report back to the Foundation on progress?

Yes, we ask that you send us a Grant Recipient Activity Report at the end of each year and at the end of the project.

Can I appeal against a decision by the Trustees?

Please note that the Trustees cannot enter into a dialogue about individual applications and their decision is final.

How do I get in touch with Andrew Lloyd Webber?

Please refer to the websites for The Really Useful Group and Andrew Lloyd Webber.