I had a wonderful three years training at GSA. The school and the faculty were amazing, so supportive and always committed to getting the best out of the students. I felt completely prepared for the industry. I feel very honoured and grateful, not only to have received valuable financial help towards my training, but also to hold such a notable and prestigious award. The ALW Foundation truly changed my life and I very feel very lucky to have been chosen. Financially, I am a lot more stable and will be able to enter the industry with a lot less debt than I pre-empted. This funding took a huge weight off my shoulders, meaning I could solely focus solidly on my training and my development as a performer, making sure I can one day show my gratitude and hopefully prove that I was a worthy investment. I never took this funding for granted, nor did I tell anyone in my year. I thought it was important to be treated equally, knowing that there are plenty of other students who are phenomenally talented. At one time there was a period in the second year where I was still working three jobs as well as training; I was determined to make every effort alongside the award as that is what I had promised to the Foundation. Since finishing my training, I have been very privileged to gain representation with a very reputable agency (C.A.M) who have done no less than work hard to hand me some amazing opportunities and enable me to be seen by lots of industry professionals. I have just recently gained my first professional job, and I'm hoping this is just the start. More opportunities will lead me to have a successful career in what is known to be a very challenging and competitive industry. In life, money given to you can sometimes be easily taken for granted but anyone in this profession will understand that to us, it really isn't. This scholarship certainly wasn't. The most valuable thing I can take from my course is not only the training itself but the discipline and stamina which you acquire. Two very important things that you need in this industry that you might not get without sufficient training.' Currently I have just finished playing Prince Charming in Cinderella at the Wolverhampton Grand Theatre working alongside Julian Clary which was a great experience, I definitely wouldn't haveĀ been able to do 12 shows a week without my training that's for sure. I am also lucky to be going straight into The Sound of Music for a couple of weeks out in Lebanon with Irving Street Productions which should be fun.