Shakespeare's Globe

Shakespeare's Globe is dedicated to the exploration of Shakespeare's work and the playhouse for which he wrote, through the connected means of performance and education. In February 2014, the Trustees of the Foundation awarded a one-off grant to fund a year-long post of Music Department Assistant Trainee for Shakespeare's Globe and the new indoor Sam Wanamaker Playhouse. The trainee will: Support the Director of Music on all shows. Work alongside Stage Managers, Technical and Production Managers. Receive a thorough training in Theatre Sound, including the skills required to set up, use and maintain audio and recording equipment during filming of productions. Have a wide exposure to instruments, their properties, ranges and uses within the Elizabethan and Jacobean theatres. -  Learn how to manage technical rehearsals. Be ready after the year's training to go on to train in Technical Theatre or directly into the workplace. UPDATE:  Aleksandra Giersz has now been recruited and is pictured here in the slideshow.  She has written a report on her first two months in post which you can read by clicking here.