Royal Court Theatre, London

The Royal Court is a writers' theatre, dedicated to finding and producing new plays.  It creates the conditions for writers to flourish and brings their work to the widest possible audience. In January 2012, the Trustees of The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation agreed a grant of £150,000 paid over 2 years to fund the Studio, the Royal Court's creative hub, where new and young writers are nurtured to produce ground breaking theatre.  The key projects are the Young Writers workshop programme, Unheard Voices, an outreach programme to encourage writing in disadvantaged and minority communities and Play Development Readings where resources and expertise are shared with established artists.  The programmes include a diverse cultural mix of participants and a significant emphasis is dedicated to minority communities.  The Trustees considered the Studio to be hugely influential in the lives and careers of young writers and were delighted to become the main funder of the project for a considerable period of time.