Peter started on the programme in June 2014; taken on by the Roundhouse for a 1 year fixed term contract in December 2014  How did you find your time on the programme? It has been challenging! But a great learning experience. At times it has been quite overwhelming to look back at the sheer volume of things I have delivered both by myself and as part of a team. I have lots to be proud of.  What difference did the traineeship make to you? The traineeship has transformed me into a professional. Before working at the Roundhouse, I worked in various capacities in music as a hobby and volunteer, but it was mostly all for fun. This role has helped me fill in gaps in my knowledge and actually opened my eyes to what my career can be. What was the most valuable thing about the traineeship for you? Real professional experience that future employers will see as valuable. As I said, I had worked various music jobs before this, but my knowledge and references were rather scattered. This job has tied it all together, formalising and developing things I already knew, and unlocking some hidden skills. What have you been doing since/What are your plans for the future? I have been promoted within the Roundhouse to Music Programme Assistant, working on pulling together Roundhouse Rising Festival, our week long, emerging music festival, which starts on 16th February.