What difference did being part of the Youth Forum make to you? Part of my role within the Youth Forum is to act as a Co-Leader on Camerata projects. I find this very inspiring because I am able to learn from the professional musicians around me and also the children we work with in schools. I learn how to work with the younger children, and also how to be an authoritative figure by leading and developing my own workshop skills. I’m also involved in project coordination, which ranges from everything to fundraising, event management, networking and marketing – skills that can’t be developed in the classroom. Gaining these skills means that I could develop my own projects in the future and create the next generation of music leaders for the community. Camerata has given me a chance to provide a platform for myself, but more importantly anybody with a passion for the Arts, to perform and break into the music scene. I used to be quite a closet musician, and it is difficult to believe in myself as a performer, but the Youth Forum gives me the assurance to aspire to be successful. How are you finding your time with the project? Over the last 2 years I have really gained confidence. Being part of the Youth Forum has really helped me to explore different genres of art and inspired me to pursue my music further. It gives me a free and relaxed environment for me to be myself and do things that I don’t get to do at school. What has been a highlight of the project so far? The YOLOCabaret project, where we took the theme of cabaret and put a modern twist on its meaning to create our own new piece. We created a performance within just under a week if you add up all the days together. Me being musical I got to the music pretty quick but the acting was much harder for me. I think all together this showed if we focus and put our heads down we can come up with something great. What is the most valuable thing about the Forum for you? I’ve always been shy, I’ve never been in a group and I’ve never really shared my music with anybody. I’ve always kept myself to myself but it’s given me a real confidence boost to share something with a great group and you discover so many new talents, everyone has their own unique style and unique voice. Camerata gets me, each one of us have a connection.