How did you find your time on the course?

I had the time of my life while studying at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. I learnt so much while studying there. As my previous course had very little performing in it, it was great to learn so much from some incredible tutors.

What difference did the scholarship make to you?

The scholarship enabled me to study at the college. As I would never have been able to afford it otherwise, and I feel I am much better as a performer after studying here, so I'm extremely grateful for the scholarship and would like to thank the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation for helping me.

What was the most valuable thing about the course for you?

For me, the most valuable thing about the course was being treated professionally, and not as students. And getting to work with some incredible people. The tutors at the college, and the people brought in to work with us, it was an absolute privilege to work with such talented people, and helped me progress as a performer.

What have you been doing since?

I am currently auditioning for many things, and I'm hoping to get my first professional part soon.