The Irene Taylor Trust "Music in Prisons"

The Irene Taylor Trust "Music in Prisons" delivers intensive high quality music projects in prisons throughout the UK to provide positive experiences and help in the process of rehabilitiation, education and the forming of life skills.  Music in Prisons was set up in 1995 to ensure that prisoners would have access to high-quality creative music experiences designed to inspire and engage them in positive opportunities away from crime. In January 2012, the Trustees of The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation awarded a one off grant to The Irene Taylor Trust "Music in Prisons - Sounding Out" programme which delivers music projects and enhances rehabilitation of ex-offenders who have successfully completed intensive music projects in prison.  "Sounding Out" will provide professional music tuition within the context of creating performances in a band, and arrange paid work performances and placements within a community programme of events. The Trustees were particularly impressed by the quality of the music provision and the training and opportunities given to support ex-offenders in the community. HM Prisons included in the project are Wormwood Scrubs, Erlestoke in Wiltshire and Highpoint North in Suffolk.