"My love of dancing began at the age of 5 when I started Ballet and Tap.  At the age of 16 I decided to study music and drama at GCSE level at my secondary school.  This opened a new door for me and I found my passion for singing and acting.  I furthered my studies at A level and was given the opportunity to play Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, Mimi in Rent and Christine Dae in The Phantom of the Opera.  My school was the first English school to do an amateur production of this and it was a huge success. After leaving school with my A levels, I couldn't imagine myself doing anything other than musical theatre, so I auditioned at the renowned colleges in London and was lucky enough to be offered a place at The Urdang Academy.  I was delighted when I was awarded the place but was not lucky enough to get funding at that stage in the audition process.  I knew that going there would put my parents and grandparents under a lot of pressure to finance the course fees and that they could only afford to send me for up to one year. Miraculously, after just a few weeks into my first year at Urdang, I was asked to audition for The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship in front of David Grindrod and I remember feeling very nervous about the audition but knew it would be my only chance to complete the 3 year course leading to the National Diploma in Professional Dance / Musical Theatre.  I was over the moon when I was awarded the scholarship because it meant that I could continue my training at The Urdang Academy for 3 years. I have absolutely loved my first year at Urdang and would not change anything about it.  I am so lucky to be training there as the teaching and professionalism is outstanding and I have been selected to follow Track C from Year 2 in order to further develop my acting and singing. I can't thank The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and David Grindrod enough for awarding me the scholarship because, without it, I would not be able to pursue my dream of a career in Musical Theatre.