How did you find your time on the course?

Studying at Mountview, on the ‘BA Performance’ course was just incredible.  The one thing I have always loved about the Arts is the concept of ‘Everlasting Challenges’. Whether it be battling and overcoming personal challenges, improving your confidence as an individual and an actor, or learning from staff that have worked in the industry and striving for the success they have had. Mountview offered all of these things, which made it a wonderful place to be.

What difference did the scholarship make to you?

Without the scholarship I would not have been able to attend the college and as a result I would not have been able to get a step closer to my dream. It also was an amazing feeling to remember that from the very beginning, someone asides from your family, teachers, or friends really believed in you. This factor alone made me constantly push myself to achieve things I never thought were possible and as a result made me the person I am today. I have everlasting thanks for the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Scholarship for really making my dreams come true.

What was the most valuable thing about the course for you?

The most valuable thing about the course for me was the huge diversity of knowledge we were encouraged to learn about. We didn’t just study ‘Musical Theatre’ by ‘Musical Theatre’ teachers. We had a variety of excellent lessons such as; Acting through camera, Music Theory, Movement classes, Stage combat and Workshops in the 3rd year from Acting/Musical Theatre Professionals in the working Industry. Gathering a huge variety of knowledge and applying it to everything you did made you feel extremely prepared and fortunate for the fantastic experience you were encountering.

What have you been doing since?

Since our showcase, I have got an Agent ‘BWH’ who have been putting me up for auditions in and around London. I have also had my first public job for a recording of ‘Snow Queen on Ice’, which was a wonderful experience. However being in an industry where you are not always in work – I have made it my mission to still keep active in the times of not working; whether it be Singing in public, going to view new Plays and Musicals, constantly reading up on new Plays and Playwrights. I have found this has still kept my passion and love for the Arts just as strong as it was when I graduated, and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.