How did I find my time of the course?

My time on the BA Musical Theatre course at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland was fantastic! I fell in love with Scotland and the life I could have there and I learnt so much about myself on the course over the three years. It was emotionally and physically challenging and hard work but so very rewarding and lots of fun. Every day I kept saying  to myself "I can't believe I get to do this for my degree, I find it too much fun!". I also loved the emphasis on acting and music this course provides, letting us have a great final actor-muso show.

What difference did the scholarship make to you?

The scholarship was the reason I could have the great quality of life I led, it meant I could focus on my studies and get 100% out of my time there. It also gives you a boost knowing there's a foundation out there that believe in you and your ability. It made the world of difference.

What was the most valuable thing about the course for you?

The most valuable thing about the course for me was being surrounded by industry professionals that we were lucky to meet often and being able to absorb as much knowledge and learn as many skills from them as possible.  The course also taught me I love period drama and comedy and therefore I have just started writing some comedy sketches and am really enjoying that.

What have you been doing since?

Since graduating I have just made the move to the big smoke of London Toon (as the Scottish would say) and got a little flat. Now I can be surrounded by all the great new things going on in the theatre world. I have been learning loads auditioning and now I am here can audition further. I would like to take this opportunity to give the largest thank you possible to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation. The scholarship has proven invaluable to my life and my studies doing what I love, I feel very blessed. So here's to 2015 being a great one for everyone.