How did you find your time on the course?

My time on the course was amazing - I was lucky enough to have kind and generous course-mates, and an incomparable teaching staff, which created a very supportive atmosphere. We worked so well together as a year; I felt that all of our group projects were a true team effort.

What difference did the scholarship make to you?

The difference was apparent both practically and emotionally. Practically, of course, it enabled me to study without the burden of financial concern; the scholarship was genuinely life-changing in this sense. Psychologically, the scholarship gave me a boost in terms of both confidence and determination. I was aware of the presence of a third party, who had personally chosen to invest in me. I worked even harder to live up to the realisation of this investment.

What was the most valuable thing about the course to you?

For me, what was truly inspiring about the PG Diploma at the Royal Academy was the teaching staff. To be surrounded by such an inspiring group of people day in and day out created an ideal environment for work and creativity. The skills my teachers were able to pass on to me have been invaluable lessons in my career; I shall always be thankful to them for their work and dedication.

What have you been doing since?

I was lucky enough to be cast in the original West End company of Once the Musical just after the second term of RAM. I spent the third term of the course learning my tracks with the show (I was cast as a walk on cover) and eventually went on to play the lead role of Girl on more than a dozen occasions. I left the show in May of 2014, and went on to join the number one UK tour of Calamity Jane. I’m playing the role of Adelaid Adams, whilst also understudying the role of Calamity.