Aliyyah is 11 years old in Year Six and a keen participant in the Dagenham primarySTEPS Level Three programme. How did it feel when you were chosen to participate in The Royal Ballet School’s primarySTEPS programme? It felt really exciting because I really like dance and I enjoy doing other activities like this and I was really happy and excited when I found out I got in. I was really proud of myself.  What kind of difference has it made to you being part of primarySTEPS? It’s made me more confident in my dancing, like now I’ve started a dance club in my school because of this, because it’s helped my confidence in dancing and in everything I do. Do you enjoy coming to the classes every week? Yes, I do really enjoy them – sometimes somebody can’t take me and then I’m really upset about it. I enjoy working in groups and using the barres and doing the grand plies and plies with the balances. I also enjoy learning the pirouettes which I love, and I really enjoy that!  What will you remember most when you graduate this summer? When I graduate I will remember the teachers that helped me and all the friends I have made in the class. I will also be able to use everything I learnt. I think it’s really made a difference.