MiSST expands Andrew Lloyd Webber programme to Oldham

This September, MiSST implemented the Andrew Lloyd Webber programme of music education in two schools in Oldham, Greater Manchester. 530 year 7 pupils from The Hathershaw College and The Radclyffe School have received their own, free instruments and will use MISST’s online curriculum as well as in-class teaching.

At Hathershaw College, the MiSST ALW programme is at the heart of the reinvigoration of their music curriculum. All the students will learn on violins. They have begun by playing some simple pizzicato pieces from the Vamoosh Books and working with their bows.

At the Radclyffe School, MiSST ALW Programme is now embedded within the established tradition of arts education. The children have a clear understanding that they are involved in something special and that MiSST is an amazing programme that can make a real difference to their life both in school and beyond the school gates. Half the students learn violin with a visiting instrumental tutor and half learn trumpet or cornet.

Progression in both schools is good so far, both brass and string players have learned early pieces from Vamoosh and the violinists are just starting to get to grips with their bows!