Historic England Angel Awards

The Foundation supports the continuation of the Historic England Angel Awards 2016-18 The trustees of the ALW Foundation are thrilled to offer their continued support of the Historic England Angel Awards for a further 3 years. Previously known as the English Heritage Angel Awards, they celebrate and highlight the work done by volunteers to rescue and restore local heritage for generations to come. Duncan Wilson, Chief Executive of English Heritage, said: “We are hugely grateful to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation for making the Angel Awards possible. This generous grant of £150,000 will allow us to shine the spotlight on the unsung heroes and heroines of heritage for a further three years. The Angel Awards show what a mammoth task it is to save England’s architectural treasures, great and small. It’s more than any official body can do alone. England’s heritage depends on hundreds of thousands of dedicated people all over the country, passionate individuals, committed communities, professionals, apprentices and most of all ordinary members of the public who care deeply about a building or a place they know that is historic and in need. Historic England and the Andrew Loyd Webber Foundation look forward to highlighting even more astonishing rescues over the years to come. Watch out for the Historic England Angel Awards 2016!”