9th March 2021


Clod Ensemble's Ear Opener

Clod Ensemble’s Ear Opener, supported by the ALW Foundation, is a learning programme which supports music creators. They create digital resources, facilitate in-person composition workshops with music students, work with teachers to develop their composition teaching skills, and advocate for the role of music in our lives. Drawing on over 15 years’ experience teaching in secondary schools, Ear Opener harnesses the creativity and ambition of young music makers, providing the tools for them to make the most of their musical ideas.

There are three strands to the Ear Opener programme:

  • Ear Opener videos: a series of online masterclasses demystifying the process of writing music. Created with and for music students and their teachers, featuring interviews with musicians including Brian Eno, Cassie Kinoshi & Errolyn Wallen.
  • Workshops: in-school courses for GCSE and A-Level Music students
  • Inset days: bespoke training for Music teachers

Clod Ensemble is looking to expand Ear Opener by supporting more music teachers, students and independent music creators. Get in touch with them if you would like to learn more. Email [email protected]