25th November 2020


Children in Oldham enjoying free classical music tuition

Music in Secondary Schools Trust (MiSST) has extended its ground-breaking Andrew Lloyd Webber programme to two schools in Oldham as part of its ultimate aim of providing free classical music tuition to all disadvantaged state secondary schools in England.

MiSST has now partnered with The Hathershaw College and The Radclyffe School in Oldham, bringing the total number of schools they work with to 17.

Andrew Lloyd Webber said "I am a passionate believer in the importance of arts in schools, particularly music, which transcends all languages, shades of politics, race and creeds.  Through MiSST, it is thrilling to see music empower young people to meet the challenges of the pandemic, by teaching motiivation, resilience, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Music education has never been as vital as it is today and it should be free".

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