10th June 2020

Fine Arts, Theatre, Music, Dance, Heritage

Centre Stage - research into the pipeline of Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic talent

4 years ago, the Foundation commissioned research examining issues surrounding the pipeline of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic trained talent into musical theatre. Centre Stage looked at what can be done to improve the wealth of talent for productions and how lasting cultural change can be made so that talented people of colour both on and off stage are no longer missed or marginalised. Centre Stage’s recommendations remain acutely relevant today.

Since publication, we have been working hard to deliver on these recommendations;

  • Launch of www.GetIntoTheatre.org an online resource produced by The Stage with funding from Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation and UK Theatre, providing young people with the advice, opportunities and training they need to succeed in theatre, no matter what their background.
  • Funding 30 performing arts scholarships every year for talented students with financial need; 70% of our funded scholars are from Black, Asian & Minority Ethnic backgrounds.
  • Diversity is a key criteria for all the Foundation’s grant funding, whether that be ethnic, geographic, cultural or social diversity.