26th October 2018

Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation Donates £100,000 to National Non-Profit Little Kids Rock to Support Music Education in Chicago Public Schools (CPS)

U.S.-based non-profit Little Kids Rock is pleased to announce it was recently awarded its second grant from the foundation in support of “Music Expanded,” the organization’s multi-year partnership with Chicago Public Schools, to bring the non-profit’s highly  inclusive, culturally responsive and student-centred Modern Band program to over 100,000 students in the third largest public school district in the country. Read the full

As the leading provider of donated instruments, culturally relevant music curriculum and music teacher professional development in the country, Little Kids Rock has served over 650,000 at-risk students across the U.S. Since 2008, Little Kids Rock has worked with CPS and trained CPS teachers to run innovative, youth-centred popular music programs that teach children to play the music they know and love. The Music Expanded Initiative was announced in 2017 and pledged that by 2021, the number of Modern Band Programs in Chicago Public Schools would double, reaching hundreds of thousands of additional students. The Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation’s two-year grant will distribute thousands of brand new instruments, provide weekly lessons and performance opportunities to more than 100,000 Chicago Public School students, as well as provide training for 300 CPS teachers.

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