21st May 2021


Support of Music in Secondary Schools Trust

Since 2013, 11,200 students on MiSST’s Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme of Music Education, have taken part in free classical music instruments, tuition & performance opportunities. 

MiSST works with 17 schools in disadvantaged communities across the UK.  ALL students entering a MiSST school in year 7 join the music tuition programme.

MiSST’s high quality music teaching and leadership is proven to increase knowledge, understanding and skills, leading to better outcomes for students.

MiSST’s digital platform provides the ALW Programme of music to schools that serve challenging and disadvantaged areas outside London

‘Music can empower and liberate, which is why it’s so important to keep it in our schools. If you empower children through the arts, the return on investment is huge. There’s never been a time when the arts have been more important in schools. I really, passionately, believe that.’ Andrew Lloyd Webber