Frequently Asked Questions

What are my chances?

As you can imagine we receive many more applications which fall within our declared objects than the Foundation is able to fund, so please do not feel too discouraged if you are unsuccessful.

How soon can I reapply?

We cannot consider any funding request made within 24 months of the outcome of a previous application, whether a grant was received or not.

Do the Trustees have a preference for a particular type of project?

Trustees would be minded to consider projects around Victorian art and architecture and/or connected to music and the performing arts.

Does the Foundation support one off events?

We are unlikely to support one-off events such as galas, festivals or individual performances.

Does the Foundation support theatrical tours?

The Trustees are unlikely to agree funding towards a theatrical tour.

Can the Foundation provide raffle prizes?

We do not provide raffle prizes.

What is the average grant size awarded by the Foundation?

The projects that the Foundation support are varied in size and scope and every application is considered on its own merits. In most cases and where appropriate, the Trustees would expect you to have secured a significant proportion of funding prior to sending in your application. There are no formal guidelines on the amount you can apply for and we invite you to use your discretion.

Does the Foundation support projects outside the UK?

The Trustees of the Foundation have decided to prioritise UK based projects.

Does the Foundation consider support for multi-year projects?

The Trustees look favourably upon projects that provide an ongoing benefit and will consider multi-year projects.

Does the Foundation look favourably upon applications that result in arts qualifications?

Yes, the Trustees are more likely to support something that works towards a qualification, award or recognition of attainment.

Does the Foundation support pilot projects?

The Trustees are unlikely to support pilot projects.

Does the Foundation support projects related to circus skills?

The Trustees are unlikely to support these types of projects.

Does the Foundation award grants to individuals?

The Foundation gives priority to funding organisations such as charities, companies and community trusts, whose projects can be verified by third parties and does not directly fund individuals.

Does the Foundation support individual scholarships?

No, all scholarships are awarded by the schools/colleges directly.

Are scholarships given to overseas students?

No, it is the Trustees' policy to support UK students only.

How often do the Trustees meet?

The Trustees aim to meet three to four times a year.

How long does the whole process take?

The process generally takes between 3 to 5 months from the date your application is received.Please note that once your application form is received, we may contact you to request further information however it is possible that no further contact is made until the outcome of your application.

Is there a deadline for submitting my application?

Please see current information in the 'Apply' section.

Can I arrange to meet with the Foundation to discuss my application before it is submitted?

Due to the volume of enquiries we receive, we regret it is not often possible to have a preliminary meeting before a written application is made. Your application should be made electronically via our online application process.

Why was my application not successful?

Due to the volume of applications received, the paperwork for unsuccessful applications is not retained and therefore it is not possible to comment on individual cases in any detail. As well as considering the quality of the activity in relation to the arts, the trustees will also take various factors into account such as previous grants, costs, available resources, sustainability of the project, commercial aspect of the organisation and the viability of the project’s budget. These factors are examples and not exhaustive and while the Foundation aims to support as many good projects as possible, it is unfortunately not possible to support them all. Please click on this link to our Qualifying Projects page for further information.

I would like to check on the progress of my application for a raffle prize or small grant from The Really Useful Group.

Please contact [email protected] for more information.

If we are successful in receiving a grant, will I be expected to report back to the Foundation on progress?

Yes, we ask that you send us a progress update every 3 months whilst the project is ongoing. When the project is complete you will be required to send us a Grant Recipient Activity Report.

What happens to my application?

Applications in the first instance are screened by Foundation staff to ensure that sufficient information has been submitted. If your application is shortlisted for a grant, we may contact you to request further detailed information about you / your organisation and your specific project. If your application is successful following short listing, it will be presented to the Trustees at their next available meeting, after which we will contact you with the outcome.

Can I appeal against a decision by the Trustees?

Please note that the Trustees cannot enter into a dialogue about individual applications and their decision is final.

How do I get in touch with Andrew Lloyd Webber?

Please refer to the websites for The Really Useful Group and Andrew Lloyd Webber.