Grant Application

Welcome to the Andrew Lloyd Webber Foundation application portal which you can access by clicking the link below.

This is a two stage application process.

At stage one you will be asked to complete brief details of your organisation and project. 

If your application is successful, you will receive an email inviting you to complete the second stage of the application form when you can provide more detailed information.

Please make sure you have read the Application Guidance and the Terms and Conditions for grant awards.

If you would like your application to be considered at the November 2019 Trustee meeting:

1st stage application to be received by 31 July 2019 at the latest.

2nd stage application (subject to success at the 1st stage) to be received by 22 September 2019 at the latest.

(Please do not wait until the deadlines above to submit your application if it is ready beforehand - the sooner it is received, the better).